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I don’t have much to report these days. Except that I’ve been playing a copious amount of Plants vs. Zombies in the past week. I’ve played this game a few times before, finishing it three times before my Steam game data mysteriously disappeared. So of course when I re-installed, I had to play it through again in order to unlock everything that I had before. I finished it for the fourth time on Sunday and I’m still working on the mini games and I suppose I’ll have to start survival mode soon.

If you haven’t played this game yet, you truly do not know what you’re missing. I’ve never been one for a strategy/tower defense game, but PvZ makes it very approachable with a tutorial that introduces things level by level instead of dumping it all on you too fast. And the graphics are incredibly cute. I don’t even get that upset when the zombies eat my brains and I have to begin the level again. The characters are fun, the music is great, the artwork is adorable, what is there not to like in this game?

Seriously, do yourself a favor and spend the ten dollars on this game (I know I have, about three times).


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