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There’s butter on my head   Leave a comment

I don’t have much to report these days. Except that I’ve been playing a copious amount of Plants vs. Zombies in the past week. I’ve played this game a few times before, finishing it three times before my Steam game data mysteriously disappeared. So of course when I re-installed, I had to play it through again in order to unlock everything that I had before. I finished it for the fourth time on Sunday and I’m still working on the mini games and I suppose I’ll have to start survival mode soon.

If you haven’t played this game yet, you truly do not know what you’re missing. I’ve never been one for a strategy/tower defense game, but PvZ makes it very approachable with a tutorial that introduces things level by level instead of dumping it all on you too fast. And the graphics are incredibly cute. I don’t even get that upset when the zombies eat my brains and I have to begin the level again. The characters are fun, the music is great, the artwork is adorable, what is there not to like in this game?

Seriously, do yourself a favor and spend the ten dollars on this game (I know I have, about three times).

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BetaQuest?   Leave a comment

Me: I clicked on the mail box and fell through the world.

Husband: BetaQuest!

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Widowhood   Leave a comment

This evening, I become a widow.

A Civilization V widow, to be more precise.

Game Widowhood is not a new thing for me. I have been an EverQuest Widow, and Mass Effect (2), Dragon Age widow. Captain Diligence is so focused a gamer, most anything he plays can make me a widow for a weekend or two. But this is “Civ Five”, and considering how many hours of husband time I’ve lost to previous incarnations of the game, I know I shall be alone for at least the next two weeks.

Don’t mistake me, the game does look incredibly awesome. And no, I’ve never played a Civilization game myself. I can’t blame Captain D. for his excitement. Even a few guys in my EverQuest guild are raring up for the launch (not more than a couple of hours away now).

Too bad ‘game widowhood’ doesn’t come with some kind of insurance provision.

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Start Menu   Leave a comment

My favourite part of a game. The start menu, or page, where I agonize for minutes over the name of my character. Eventually going with the standard ‘H e r o’ orĀ  ‘L i n k’, for all my efforts of thinking of something cooler. And so this blog begins with a start ‘menu’, though the agonizing ended with the receipt of the confirmation e-mail from Word Press. Introduction time.

I am a late 20-something, I am a girl, and I am a gamer. Of sorts. Naturally, I have other interests (like writing and the Internet!) but I play video games to some degree a lot. When I was a kid, it was console games. The only PC we owned only having a 256k memory on board. Atari, Nintendo, Game Boy. I was and always will be, a Square fan girl. After a long hiatus from games, I got back into them after I got married. My husband, let’s call him Captain Diligence (he’s a diligent player), gave me his copy of EverQuest 2: Echoes of Fayder in late 2006. “You’ll either really love this, or really hate this”, he told me. And four years later (yes, four *shame*) I’m still playing.

Webster.com defines lazy in the following manner:

disinclined to activity or exertion : not energetic or vigorous

Why the ‘Lazy’ gamer? Well, because I am a lazy gamer. I listen to a game podcast or two, and talk about new titles with Captain D., I even get excited for them. We both love Steam more than is humanly healthy. I even buy games, mostly casual games (I really like those hidden object titles from Big Fish). But at the end of the day, I’ll play some of these games for five minutes, or never load them up at all. I heave a resigned sigh, and launch EverQuest 2. I have copies of 3-D Dot Game Heroes and Final Fantasy XIII collecting dust. Even the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XII that only Captain D. has played. But I am a slave to Sony Online Entertainment, and I’m too lazy to quit (not that I haven’t tried a few times).

A girl who loves games, but is too lazy to play them.

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